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Solar Heating & Hot Water

Solar thermal energy is the best known and most popular form of domestic renewable energy. The sun's energy is collected by flat plate collectors or evacuated tubes (usually on the roof) which are orientated towards the sun in order to warm the property's water.

Manufacturers state that an average property should receive around 60-70% of the properties total hot water demands from solar thermal systems. Contrary to common belief, a lot of solar energy can still be gained from solar collectors even on cloudy days.


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Air To Air Heat Pump Weybridge

Air To Air

An air to air heat pump is an all-in-one heating and cooling system that is designed to provide year-round comfort. The Greensource Air to Air Heat Pump converts the energy from the air outside into heat and then circulates warm air internally to provide a comfortable temperature inside the home.

As an extra benefit, Greensource Air to Air Heat Pumps can also operate as an air cooler and purifierusing Plasmacluster Iontechnology.

Solar Thermal Panels Epsom

Solar Thermal Panels

Solar Thermal Panels use the sun's energy to heat water which compliments a traditional boiler and helps to reduce fuel bills by as much as 70% as well as helping the environment.

A Solar thermal hot water heating has been used in other European countries for many years but is still seen as being new in the UK. It has been used to great success all over the UK and is now regularly seen on our roof tops especially as all new-build properties must now have some form of renewable energy thanks to the Governments recent "code for sustainable homes".